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The terms and conditions below refers to purchases, orders placed in the online store.

To have all the information related conditions comezii and delivering a product from the, please read the below carefully.

In case you have questions or concerns, please contact us, using contact form.

The terms and conditions of the present rules contain a valid orders, basic contractual terms of a possible agreement between Seller and Buyer intervened.

Also, these terms and conditions governing liability company which manages the online shop linked to the operation of the website.

They are exclusive to these terms and conditions, and any other clauses are void, unless the change was announced imprealabil or if it was made in writing.

The company that manages the shop, in some cases has the right to change the terms and conditions so we recommend that before every purchase, read the terms and conditions displayed on the site.

These changes are valid from the date of publication on the Internet and can not be applied to contracts signed previously.

For each order made on the site are valid terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering.

In case of a valid order, without exception your accept read all the terms and conditions here.

When using the website, your accept as you follow the terms and conditions listed here, as usage guidelines.

By completing and sending the order appearing on, Buyer order products while appearing in the online store, and responds for correctness of the data provided by him(her).

E-mail or phone number listed wrong order entails failure, given that the Seller is unable to contact buyer.


Last Updated: 2021-01-15